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What to keep in mind when purchasing property in Bodrum: Documentation

Once you have decided to purchase real estate in Bodrum, it is necessary to check all the legal property documents on validity. Please be mindful of the ISKAN (a property passport of sorts, stating the purpose of use of the building). It is not enough to receive the Tapu (property deed), the ISKAN has to be valid and present as well. It is advisable to get legal advice from an independent lawyer who is not associated with property owner in any way. If necessary, PalmTech will gladly recommend you some verified legal counsel in Bodrum. We are always available for your consultations at our call center.

What to keep in mind when purchasing property in Bodrum: technical state

We would like to focus your attention on some technical issues you should be mindful about when purchasing property in Bodrum.

Bodrum is considered the ecological region of Turkey with perfect climate. It is natural to choose Bodrum for your “dream house” location. It is however, important to take good care of the house all year round and to know in advance how to do so. Therefore, we recommend reviewing the house in question by a verified constructor before you make a final decision about the purchase. Main points to look at are as follows:

  • Quality of the building structure: thickness of the walls and ceilings, existence of foundation and lack of cracks. Bodrum is estimated as possible seismic hazard zone. The earthquakes are usually quiet unnoticeable but still, it is advisable to purchase properties that are of good condition and are built according to the official construction-plans.
  • Roof and cellar waterproofing: Due to initially poor waterproofing measures, the rainy months cause damages to the houses. Most holiday home owners have to start the season with annual repairs due to leaks. As it happens, local companies don’t put much value on waterproofing.
  • Heat insulation: gaps, adjacency, closings, heating. Since electricity is very expensive in Turkey, it is vital to use the energy efficiently. You have to make sure that the heat will not leave the house during winter or that the house warms up unreasonably during summer. It can be quiet pricey and unnecessary to heat up and cool down the outdoors.
  • Communications: wiring, water supply, sewage system. Availability of backup reserves, dwell, generator and city sewage system connection is definitely a necessity for your home if you plan on staying for more than a week per year.

Our team at PalmTech, is available for a technical estimate of the property you consider purchasing. You will receive a written report and recommendations for necessary improvements. We are positive that we can assist you in getting a reasonable price for the technical state of the property.

Garden Treatment

Many different types of insects and reptiles can damage your house or garden in the region of Bodrum as it is common for many southern regions. It is therefore, necessary to do a special treatment annually, preferably at the end of April and you must be absent. Of course, you can choose to do it yourself, however it is highly recommended to use a specialist or a gardener.

Tree trimming

Trees and bushes grow rapidly in Bodrum you should trim them frequently. It is not only necessary to trim the trees and bushes for healthier growth, but also to prevent damages to the bigger branches during strong winds in the winter. We recommend seeking professional assistance from a gardener in this matter. And remember the more often the trees are cut, less leaves you will have to clean up.

House insulation

You should seriously consider house insulation if you plan to spend a lot of time in Bodrum. Most of the properties are built for summer users when it is quiet hot outside, you keep your windows open and air conditioner on.

You should keep in mind that it is not only necessary to keep the warmth inside when it is cold outside but also to keep the heat out when it is hot outside. Constant use of air conditioner, which is a common practice here, has several disadvantages such as noise, dry air and high costs. Overall, if you have decided to commit to Bodrum all year round, consider improving your houses insulation starting from windows and doors to a complete façade insulation.

Heating systems

If you plan to stay in Bodrum in the period from October to April, it is important to have a proper heating system. Even though, temperature never drops below 10 degrees, a well-warmed space is nicer than loud and dry air-conditioned air. Not mentioning the sky-high expenses on electricity.

Therefore, when choosing a property, you should look for houses with heating systems or with a setup for heating systems. Preferably, choose a house with heated floors. In terms of investment, it will definitely be beneficial for the future property price since the real estate market trend shows an increase in 12-month tourists and inhabitants of the region.

Roof waterproofing

It is obvious that roofs should not leak. However, Bodrum construction standards do not consider strong tropical sideways rains that occur in February, when building. We recommend waterproofing the roof once properly instead of annual repairs in and outdoors. Once you detect a leak, we strongly advise to contact a professional company that will be able to not only execute the waterproofing but also leave you with a warranty for at least two years. It is not wise to execute these type of works through a local independent roofer who will not be under any circumstances neither fully qualified nor equipped correctly for this job.

Cellar waterproofing

It is also obvious that cellars should not leak. Unfortunately, in Bodrum it is just as difficult to waterproof your cellar as any other waterproofing jobs. Main reason for leaking cellars is the attitude of the constructor. Always trying to save money on the items that are not immediately displayed to the customer.

Once you detect a leak, we strongly advise to contact a professional company that will be able to not only execute the waterproofing but also leave you with a warranty for at least two years. It is not advisable to execute these type of works through a local independent technician who will not be under any circumstances neither fully qualified nor equipped correctly for this job.

Sprinkler system

If you have a garden, you should consider installing an automated sprinkler system. It will save you a lot of energy, in case you were meaning to do it yourself and it will save you a lot of stress, in case you were planning to hire someone to do it. Unless it is a qualified gardener, the results can be catastrophic. Installing the sprinkler system is very easy and affordable and can be done any time of the year.

Heated pool

For your stay outside the peak season July-September, we recommend to install a pool heating system in order to be able to keep the water above 25 degrees. There are two important points to consider:

  1. Installation of the heating system without a special heat resistant cover is pointless; the pool will cool down over night and water will evaporate quickly
  2. Installation of the heating system also requires a thorough check in order to determine if existent electric communication is enough or if an extra power cord is needed along with other potential works on the electrical panel. Regarding the difficulty level, costs and importance of installation of the equipment, you should hold back from hiring a local individual technician with little to no knowledge in this field and without professional background. You are best served with a professional company that will be able to give you a warranty for the installation and the equipment.

Solar panels

Bodrum is known for being a sunny place 330 days of the year. Therefore, it is common to use solar panels for water heating systems and in some houses for heating.

There are several important things to consider prior to installation:

  • The max power of the solar panels has to be calculated according to the purposes they will be used for
  • Extra expense vs existing max capacity should be reviewed and decided upon the purposes the penals will be used for
  • Installation of the solar panels on the roof might cause damages to the waterproofing installation and has to be very carefully

Considering the level of difficulty of the points mentioned above, it is of utmost importance to hire a professional company that is specialized in this area and will be able to give you a warranty for the equipment, setup and installation.

Another important issue is the setup of the panels on the roof, it might spoil the view for your above neighbors. Therefore, it is wise to consider the design of the panels you choose. You can also ask to place the panels in a way that ugly storage tanks will be hidden from neighbors view as well.

Due to previous experience, PalmTech is able to demonstrate the entire procedure.

Thermal pump

A thermal pump can help you save up to 40% on indoor and pool heating. This type of works should be considered during construction-planning phase or major renovation planning phase. We also recommend working solely with bigger suppliers and their specialists during the project-planning phase, installation and operation.

PalmTech will be able to give you necessary recommendations or communicate with the suppliers directly on your behalf.

Electric Generator

Turkey has a major problem with electricity supply. Besides, that it is too expensive, it also goes through power cuts on a weekly and sometimes daily basis, especially in Bodrum.

If you do not have a generator on your premises, you have two options for further actions. Either you accept the fact that you will suffer the power cuts and do nothing or you get one after all. To install a generator is not as difficult as it may seem. First, you need to estimate the max power usage your house needs. It is very important to have correct calculations in order to avoid future problems. Therefore, it is important to work with a professional company that will be able to give you a warranty for the installation, service and the equipment. A professional company will also consider sound insulation and supplementary works in the electrical panel.

Voltage Regulator

Due to often spikes and losses of power in Bodrum, many choose to install a voltage regulator. It is fairly simple, however it doesn’t always help during the very strong power spikes and losses. Therefore, it is best to install an uninterruptible power sources for equipment you want to protect.

Prior to installation, you need to estimate the max power usage of the equipment along with other characteristics. It is very important to have correct calculations in order to avoid damages to your equipment. We recommend working with a professional company that will be able to give you a warranty for the installation, service and the equipment.

Water Supply

Water supply interruptions are common in Bodrum, especially during peak season when the city is not able to sustain the demand. Thus, it is important to have enough water in reserve tanks or alternatively a separate source of water in form of a dwell. During the process of purchasing property, we advise to check for these options and during a construction-planning phase to think ahead about a possibility of a self-sufficient water supply for house and garden needs.

PalmTech can consult and assist you in any matters you might have including improvement and optimization of the water supply system in your house.

Gas supply

Bodrum has no gas pipeline, but several companies can deliver gas in tanks to your house. The delivery procedure is automated and more of a routine. Some housing complexes have centralized gas reserves with pipelines to the houses in immediate vicinity.

Now, gas is more expensive than electricity. However, due to slightest unpredictable change in the situation gas can become cheaper. Besides, it is a good back up plan for heat supply.

We advise to be mindful of availability of gas supply in the property or its immediate vicinity. Also, be aware that gas tanks even if not used, need to be cleaned and attended to annually since it can bear potential hazards. If you have one, do not forget to schedule annual checkups. It does not take much time but is of utmost importance.


When purchasing property in Bodrum, you are asked to also purchase a mandatory insurance that unfortunately does not cover the cost of your real estate nor does it cover accidents or theft. We urge to purchase in addition a voluntary insurance for your property and equipment. These insurances are not very pricey but highly effective.

Air conditioning

Air conditioners in Bodrum are always maximized in usage. In the summer to cool down and in the winter to heat up. We urge to schedule checkups at least on annual basis. In addition, always ask for a warranty from the service companies that does the repairs.

The service companies in Bodrum are lacking qualified and trained staff and therefore they are not able to guaranty positive results but are willing to pay you monthly visits for same repairs.